Limited Edition CDs

Three of my albums are available on limited edition CD direct from my Bandcamp page.

Crossover is my latest release – an epic three-part soundscape reminiscent of the 1970s LP era, that explores the blurred lines between dreams and reality – or is it a crossing into an alternative reality? Crossover has been likened to Mike Oldfield and John Carpenter.

Back Into the Light – composed throughout 2017, Back Into the Light brings together electronic beats and otherworldly atmospheres, and celebrates 10 years since my début release, Into the Light. The album comes with beautiful cover art by grand master space artist, David A. Hardy.

Traces – a personal favourite, originally released in 2014, Traces is a nostalgic and reflective collection of tracks composed using many sounds from classic Korg synths of the 80s and 90s. The passing of time is at the core of Traces, as it looks into the past and future as reality becomes entangled with dreams.

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