Science fiction art, book cover illustration and music by Alex Storer

Welcome to my website. I am a UK-based artist / illustrator, musician and graphic designer, with a lifelong fascination with science fiction.

Science fiction opens windows into other worlds – it offers escape from the norm and provides glimpses of future times and places, both on Earth and beyond. As a cover artist, it is my job to realise visions of such worlds and forge that link between audience and concept.

When growing up, I was captivated by the science fiction, fantasy and space art of the 1970s and 80s – and from my first encounter with a computer mouse and digital paint program in 1990, to my current setup of an Apple Mac and graphics tablet, that influence has come full circle. Today, I enjoy creative collaboration with authors and publishers from all over the globe.

There is an inevitable convergence between art and my other passion – music. Both are like painting; one uses sounds, the other uses colours. I have been recording instrumental music under the name “The Light Dreams” since 2006, and was invited to be honorary musician for the Initiative for Interstellar Studies in 2012.

Alex Storer