Book Cover Art

Looking for an original cover illustration?

I am a UK-based artist & illustrator, and specialise in creating Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculative Fiction cover art, plus associated genres such as Horror or Thriller.

Whether designing for an e-book cover or full wraparound jacket design, the challenge of transforming an author’s words or idea into a visual portal for the audience remains the same. From the illustration to the colour scheme and typography, an eyecatching and interesting book cover design is as important as the words inside it.

I provide a personal, bespoke digital artwork service. The cover art is the first thing anybody will see of your book, so it is crucial to get it right, and that’s what I’m here to do.

With over 20 years’ experience as a professional graphic designer, I can also handle the typography and layout of your cover, and will always be on hand to answer any questions or give advice.

Existing pieces of my work may also be licensed for cover art use – please get in touch for more information.

For details on pricing and any other cover art enquiries, please email me at: alex [at] or use the contact form.

What the authors say…

“I have been working with Alex for several years and find him to be a professional and gifted artist. In that time, he has done 10 wonderful, genre-appropriate book covers for me in fantasy, science fiction and mystery. He is easy to work with, intuitive and quick to respond to requests. Can’t wait to see what he come up with for my next project.”
– Alice Sabo, author of A Changed World series, plus other SF&F and mystery titles

“Alex produced a brilliant cover for my novel – two covers, actually, because the back and front are distinctly different from one another; and then built on that to produce a book teaser and trailer – thanks, Alex, for a job well-done!”
– Helen Claire Gould, author of Floodtide

“Alex Storer has produced all five covers for my ‘We Have Lost’ comedy-thriller series and I’m really pleased with every one of them. I send Alex a brief and he always manages to come up with a piece of artwork that I love. All that’s needed are a few tweaks and we’re done. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of publishing a novel, because it’s so quick, easy and his covers really bring the story to life. I look forward to more great covers.”
– Paul Mathews, author of the We Have Lost… series

“When I began looking for a cover artist for my science fiction book, I found Alex ‘s website and was blown away by his art concepts and imagination. I knew then I had found the right person. His cover insight helped to tell the story I was writing on the inside. The cover being the first thing a reader will see had to be eye catching, gripping, and begging to be picked up and explored; and he delivered. Alex was quick to please, easy to work with, and he captured all the elements of what I had imagined.”
William N. Gilmore, author of No Space For Justice

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