The Light Dreams Music

The music of The Light Dreams achieves a sense of looking beyond our everyday existence through a fusion of styles, whether it be taking us to planets orbiting distant stars, exploring life in the urban environment or probing the depths of human consciousness.

Below is a selection of albums. These titles and more are available from

I can also create music for your project… short films, video game soundtracks, etc. Just get in touch with your requirements!

Chiaroscuro (2020)… Nighttime atmospheres blend with nostalgic, melancholic tones forming a dreamlike musical world in which to escape.

Mutate (2019)… a dark, dystopian album with a cinematic feel. Industrial rhythms blend with unsettling atmospheres and resonant synth lines.

Prototype (2018)… a dark and heavy album of dynamic electronica, with a subtext of computing, robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Crossover (2018)… an album comprising 3 epic tracks designed to take you on a dreamlike journey into unknown realms. Crossover is also available on limited edition CD and harks back to the golden age of the 1970s concept album.

Back Into the Light (2017)… celebrating ten years since my début album, Into the Light, this follow-up returns to familiar territory, taking influence from the magnificent world around us and a glimpse of worlds beyond sleep and dreams. Also available on limited edition CD, featuring stunning artwork by David A. Hardy.

Traces (2014)… an album that explores the blurred lines between memories, dreams and reality, fused with a reflective nostalgia.

Remnants From A Lost Time (2016)… a series of sparse ambient tracks, inspired by the natural world and the layers of history that lie beneath our feet.

Legacy (2016)… a dark and moody album that questions what lies beyond our existence.

Timeshift (2015)… following on from Traces with the theme of looking back through our own timelines, but an album that also follows the transition from morning to night as one day transforms into another.

Sentient City (2014)… this album draws influence from our ever-evolving cities and the life within them, and also explores the concept of future cities.

Mechanical Drive (2009)... a dystopian-tinged album of rich science fiction influence, from Clarke to Asimov and more.

Into the Light (2007)… my first full album of electronic instrumentals, which takes influence from the likes of Jean-Michel Jarre and Mike Oldfield. Includes cover artwork by David A. Hardy.

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