Windows On Other Worlds

In October 2016, I had my first solo art exhibition, “Windows On Other Worlds”.

Nestled away in the leafy Derbyshire town of Dronfield, The Forge – once a working foundry dating back to 1923 and now a boutique shopping centre for arts and crafts – played host to my first exhibition outside of a convention scenario.

The Art4Restore gallery hosted the exhibition in October 2016. It was originally going to run until January 2017, but in the end, it ran for another couple of months.

The exhibition comprised a series of pieces depicting future times and places – a recurring theme in my work. For me this was an opportunity to collate my best work and favourite pieces dating back to 2010. I also produced an accompanying brochure, with narrative for each piece, specially written by Richard Hayes.

Having an exhibition in the town where I grew up was a special experience, for both sentimental and professional reasons. It made me think back to my art classes at school (which was just a few hundred yards from The Forge) which taught me so many things, as well as introducing me to computer art. Although I still return to Dronfield regularly, it felt particularly different going there for an exhibition of my own work! It was a one-off experience that will always be fondly remembered.

Click on the button below to download the exhibition brochure.

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