Warrior Errant

Another recent book cover illustration was for Harry Elliott’s début Military SF novel, Warrior Errant. The video above introduces the cover art, which was great fun to work on, and also something quite different to my previous covers.

Check out Harry’s author page on facebook, where he’s had the marvellous idea of getting his fans around the world to send in photos of their copy of the book!

Warrior Errant is out now, published by Guardbridge Books.


Alice Sabo – High Barrens

One of my most recent cover illustration projects was for Alice Sabo’s new fantasy High Barrens, the first book in Sabo’s new Tales of Haroon series.

Alice wanted to capture the essence of the mystical world in which this coming-of-age story is set, but at the same time capturing the sense of journey and adventure.

Here you can see my initial concept sketch and the final artwork for the front, back and spine.

To find out more about High Barrens, visit Alice’s website.

Limited Edition CDs

Three of my albums are available on limited edition CD direct from my Bandcamp page.

Crossover is my latest release – an epic three-part soundscape reminiscent of the 1970s LP era, that explores the blurred lines between dreams and reality – or is it a crossing into an alternative reality? Crossover has been likened to Mike Oldfield and John Carpenter.

Back Into the Light – composed throughout 2017, Back Into the Light brings together electronic beats and otherworldly atmospheres, and celebrates 10 years since my début release, Into the Light. The album comes with beautiful cover art by grand master space artist, David A. Hardy.

Traces – a personal favourite, originally released in 2014, Traces is a nostalgic and reflective collection of tracks composed using many sounds from classic Korg synths of the 80s and 90s. The passing of time is at the core of Traces, as it looks into the past and future as reality becomes entangled with dreams.

Recent Features

Here is a guest post I wrote recently for the RetroVideoGamer website, talking about the inspiration of 90s Amiga computer game music:


I also participated in SouthWaves Audio’s regular ‘5 Questions’ feature:


From the shadows…

I recently completed 3 illustrations that were inspired by The Body Library – the latest book by Jeff Noon. I was present at the book’s launch at Follycon, earlier this year, where Noon read a haunting passage from the book – although I was already sold on it, having read the first book in the series, A Man of Shadows, last year.

The world which Jeff Noon has created for the inspector Nyquist mysteries is quite unusual. Astoundingly original, in fact. I haven’t read anything quite like it. The first book,  A Man of Shadows, was set across two time (and mind) bending worlds; Dayzone (a city of constant daylight) and Nocturna (an eerie underworld of perpetual darkness). It felt like a surreal film noir, or some kind of retro-futuristic graphic novel. For The Body Library, Jeff Noon turned that strangeness up to 11, setting the book in the city of Storyville… a place founded on the written word. Words spread like living disease and everyday life is infected by stories.

Living up to its title, The Body Library is a  surreal and disturbed with a gripping murder mystery at its core. I found my inspiration fired up, and knew I had to interpret some of the book’s moments in my own way; as if illustrating an imaginary graphical version of the story. I hadn’t done any illustration work like this for a long time, so that in itself was particularly rewarding.