A lifelong interest in science fiction came full circle in 2010, when I finally began realising my own visions of future times and places. Taking inspiration from classic SF literature, my work pays homage to yesterday’s visions of tomorrow, yet remains contemporary and distinctive in style.

I first encountered computer art during a school art class in 1990 – a moment that would ultimately define my career in graphic arts. As an avid reader, I appreciate a book’s cover art as much as the words inside, and it was this love which led to me pursuing my ambition to create my own pieces and work as a cover illustrator.

My first public exhibition came in 2011 when my digital painting Awakening was selected for inclusion in Brave New Worlds, an exhibition of utopian and dystopian art, held at the Riverside Gallery in Richmond Upon Thames.


Music is the other aspect of my work. I have been composing atmospheric instrumental music since 2006, under the name The Light Dreams. It comes as no surprise that there is an overlap between my art and music, which takes influence from science fiction, travel and dreams as numerous pioneering artists and composers.

In 2012, I became honorary artist and musician for the Initiative for Interstellar Studies, and I have since released several albums in support of the Initiative. My work is independently released via the Bandcamp platform.

I am currently taking commissions and always happy to discuss any potential projects.

I regularly exhibit my artwork on the UK science fiction convention scene – details of future appearances and exhibitions will appear in the news section of the site. Pictured below is my display at “Follycon”, the 2018 Eastercon, at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate.